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SPACEsheet 20

SPACE Sheet 20

Vancouver January 31st 2016

Hello friends and readers,

the next Saturday - which is February 6th - will be an Open Studio Day again. Feel free to come in between 12 noon - 5pm, see me work or eat or hanging exhausted in my comfortable chair! ;-)

Follow this link, be informed year round:

Many of you couldn't receive the newsletter I sent last time due to size limitations of different mailboxes. Therefore, this and all future newsletters will be part of my website. That makes it easier for everyone.

Even more exciting: the TOMATO magazine is live! Yay. Will do a draw this week, one of the contributors will get that wonderful work as a gift (the others can look up a part of it on blurb).

Well, what have I done all the time???
I finished a handful of submissions for galleries in Vancouver, Woodstock and New Orleans - cross your fingers for a positive feedback, thank you!

Then, there is a quite new illustration on RedBubble, featuring Lower Lonsdale. Looks smashing on travel mugs and bedding btw......


On the painted and collaged side, I finished the following:

12 Tulips Playful Rain
12 tulips Playful Rain

My fluur shop has the following new additions:

Omar Vanessa
Crocheted scarf OMAR Handknit scarf Vanessa

Well, if you were able to read till here: one small original of mine will go to the 2nd person responding on this! :-)

Last time the lucky person was C. in V. - I even got a 'thank you email', that was so great.

That's it for today.

Have a wonderful pre-spring all,