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Gabriele Maurus is an artist of multidimensional abilities and talents. She was born in Germany and moved to Canada in 2003.

She has completed numerous art courses and practica and has expanded her knowledge and skills as an artist through experimentation with various materials and techniques. Her synesthesia lets her explore her artistic creativity in unusual and fascinating ways. She exists in a constant pursuit of artistic development through her never ending curiosity to try new and unusual things. Gabriele Maurus also creates 3-dimensional works, so as not to be limited by the two-dimensional works on paper and canvas.

Painting brings her peace of mind, releases her anxieties and lets her creativity soar. Creating art makes her feel deeply content. For her, art has no rules and regulations, the sky is the limit. Gabriele Maurus lives and works in North Vancouver, Canada. Her artwork can be viewed on her website at